on building peace and listening for haikus: a few notes

(NaPoWriMo, day 14: ‘write a poem that deals with the poems, poets, and other people who inspired you to write poems.’ For me, this very much includes John Paul Lederach, a scholar-practitioner in conflict engagement and peacebuilding who has ‘wondered what it was about higher education and becoming a professional that took the poetry out of [him]’, and who has been trying to put it back in. He’s inspired me both to be more courageous and creative in what I try to do in my teaching and to listen and watch for haikus. These are a few haiku-notes, mostly written while watching a recent talk of his online with some of my students…)

start with one idea.
follow your thoughts where they lead.
notice where it goes.

trust to talk truth:
shared love of sufi poets.
i will walk with you.

where does it come from –
the courage, the art and soul
that undoes numbness?

what does it take to
become a person again?
life still vibrating.

web of connections:
this two-hundred year present.
include those you fear.

imagine beyond what is.
practice listening.

into the mystery
that which does not yet exist –
one step at a time.

the preparation:
to be touched by the beauty
of haiku moments.

pause: i’m more conscious.
i feel like a person, still
within this fierce now.

time-sweetened honey
the bridge is the human heart.
stay in touch with love.

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