distancing; social: into the unknown

(NaPoWriMo day 5 was a long list of challenges that felt daunting. Still, it got me thinking. Mostly, though, this is a response to the evening last week when tenx9 Bradford went online. tenx9 is a monthly storytelling session where 9 people have ten minutes each to share a story from their lives. This month, the theme was ‘into the unknown’, and the stories took us to various more and less familiar places…)

tenx9 bradford, first friday in April. one theme, nine stories. none longer than ten minutes and all true.

no fire alarm expected; snacks and drinks limited only by the extent of your lockdown prep.

into the unknown: into an almost cinema in malawi for the opening credits; into an almost scene from a film one night at spaghetti junction, holding a fireman’s hand; into the feelings of a plant in colombia, half-healthy, half-sick in this time of love and corona; into a microbus in egypt, one afternoon when the promise of barbecues turned into the taste of molotov cocktails – one minute! – and into a scottish helicopter, almost seeing the sights were it not for the broken legs and the woman about to give birth; into another egyptian afternoon, not yet joined up with the first, quiet but full of adventure; into afghanistan, out of touch or in touch with yourself; into the presence of herons and death, back when the comfort of touch was allowed; and into this afternoon when it wasn’t – replaced, perhaps, by a lonely dance in the office; and replaced, for some, by the pleasure of seeing faces that face-to-face had been blurred.

thirty seconds to respond.

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