almost pets

(NaPoWriMo, day 29: write a poem to a pet. Hmm…)

to us, they were almost like pets. something
to look forward to after greeting our grandparents,
or before: let’s go to the rabbits. no need to enter
the house first. the rabbits lived outside, in their own
almost house, at the back of the shed by the edge
of the lawn. on good days, we’d take them out
on the grass, pet them in a cage we could share,
rabbits and children, several of each. perhaps we
gave them names. or perhaps we did not. we knew:
a matter of time before they’d appear on the table,
with peas and carrots and fruit from last summer
for pudding. ‘esst, es gibt heut nix mehr.’ promises:
good weather in exchange for empty plates.
back home, chocolate bunnies lasted well
beyond easter, on shelves in our rooms. almost
like pets.

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